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Bristol Disability Equality Forum

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We are a disability equality organisation of all Disabled people who live work or study in the Bristol area, regardless of impairment. We operate to the social model of disability in all that we do whilst still recognising that Deaf people are also a cultural and linguistic minority.

We campaign for Disabled people's rights, better disability equality in all services and celebrate Disabled people's diversity.

We provide advice to organisations and advocate for Disabled people, develop projects to increase Disabled people's access to facilities and to decision-making structures so that they can represent themselves.

In recent years we have been successful in:
- saving over £1m worth of local services for Disabled and older people,
- reducing the risk of Independent Living Fund recipients’ care packages being cut when they transferred to local authority funding, and
- ensuring they have a right to be involved in any decision-making discussions about the cost of their care package.

Without your support we cannot continue to ensure that Disabled people have a voice and get the support they need.
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